Monday, April 25

Gym, Food...YAY!

Going to the gym tonight this is what i'm going to do planning on doing...

30 mins treadmil 4 incline walk 4 run 1 (repeat)
15 eliptical no resistance slight resistance
Arms and abs
Now that i've said what I plan on doing hopefully this will keep me motivated to complete this task!

There has been definite motivation issues lately, with work and family life it's been hard to want to get out there and actually work my booty....Does anybody else have a hard  time getting out there when dealing with issues? Please tell me i'm not the only one!

Anywho, I was recently watching a show about female body builders


What is your stance on female body building? Personally I think any female that can kick a boys butt is pretty rockin...Just not my style personally.

Eating dinner at the parentals tonight...My lovely mother is making mexi-meat loaf and poblano peppers, YUM! I'll put up some pics tomorrow!

Gonna put up some cute family pics since I am at the 'rents now...I have 3 little sisters (4 with sis in law) ages 16, 5, 2, and sis in law is 10...In case you haven't noticed we are VERY spread out!!

Beaut sis J-dawg

Me and the moms

Moms and pops on dads cycle

Me and sis!

The handsome hubs.

Lovely Ems

Sweet Sarbear

Welp, there ya go just a few pics to tide ya over! More about me to come...Like the fact i have multiple one weakness! Which is my undying love for the DALLAS COWBOYS!


I'm a Texas girl Conroe to be exact...Or as we lovingly call it "Cornrow".

Well lovlies me thinks it's time to eat, and then work these child bearing hips out!


Saturday, April 23

Racy Winds...

So, it’s a balmy 58 degrees with gale force winds (20 mph) not really ideal running conditions (could be worse though) so I feel bad for This Lovely lady who is running her first 10k today! Everybody (that means you) go check her blog out and congratulate her!

I on the other hand had a few dranks last night and…well lets just say I ain’t feeling so hot this morning, which is why I started off my morning drinking this...DELISH!

 I’m trying to get motivated to hit the gym or take a run around this gloomy city. Ended up going to th gym with the hubs and worked it out feeling a lot better now!

My legs are still a little sore from the squatertunities challenge on this ladies blog you can see Here we ended up going a little over board and doing 100 squats at work…And also the 26 pushups, ok so mine were the “girl” pushups but whatev. Soon im going to be knocking them out like a soldier you just wait and see.

Hopefully today I will be spending some time with the hubster, and if the sun FINALLY comes out and it heats up (seriously its almost MAY) we might go for a motorcycle ride…I LOVE MOTORCYCLES!

And then we are taking a trip to get my newest ink addition fixed…My skin rejected the ink so I need to go back and get it colored again. Alrighty I’m off to enjoy what’s left of my day! Promises this will get more interesting…just trying to get in the groove of it!


Friday, April 22

Woah, first one...

Wow, first post jitters…

To be honest this isn’t my first blog I recently deleted another one because I just wasn’t feeling “it”. I have no idea who my “target audience” was or who I wanted to “appeal” to. Sorry for all the quotation marks trying to prove a “point” I guess….But I digress. Just to learn a little about me, I am married to a wonderful man who luckily puts up with my craziness on a daily basis

 (bless him, and feel bad for him).  

I am on a new path in life a healthier, more fit path it’s hard to change habits and form new ones but I feel it’s possible with the right motivations. I have been reading blogs like crazy with my partner in crime THIS LADY EVERY morning without fail we read This and This and This and This and This and This, along with a few others. They are ALL so inspiring and have really made me want to be a more fit and healthy person…

So I have one 5k under my belt which was amazing! i'll post some pics later of that one! And am currently training for the Warrior Dash  5K

and the LAS VEGAS ½ marathon 

(Thats my own Vegas pic....sorry for the craptasic quality!)

I am pretty crazy excited about this new journey and hope you like to follow me on it! Im just a normal chick who needs to get her act together!
Much love!